Do you have a friend who serves in the army and you do not know what to give him?

We have a great idea for you. It is a shadow box for military uniform. Demonstration military uniforms show a sense of honor and achievement. You demonstrate not only the uniform but also all the ribbons badges medals and ranks achieved by the military. If you take the time to select the perfect shadow box and correctly show the shape it will remain intact for many years.

Features of shadow box for military uniform

The shadow box for military uniform has rather large dimensions because not only the uniform but also military officer awards flags and certificates are placed there. In addition, this shadow box is ideal for displaying a jacket or any sports knitwear as well as various other items. Such display cases have enough depth to attach baseball glove, baseball bat begs and other collectibles that you may want to include inside.

Benefits of shadow box for military uniform

The shadow box is created with a 98% UV acrylic door that protects your items from fading. Therefore, you can be sure that an autograph with other memorabilia will retain the original look. The door of the shadow box includes heavy-duty locks with keys. This will give your valuables a little extra security and keep your uniforms and rewards free from dust and dirt.

The display case has a felt lining in red black or blue inside. This will give you a great contrast with your valuable item. You can fasten uniforms, badges, photos and other different items on the back wall. The display case is configured for vertical or horizontal mounting which gives you the opportunity to best display your objects in any direction.

Advantages of shadow box for the military uniform of our store
  • The enclosure is shipped fully assembled
  • Made from Australian beech mahogany
  • Standard UV acrylic door
  • Military Shadowbox has beautiful design and construction very attractive
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for displaying military navy uniforms navy hat naval sword and matching uniforms
  • Keeps your items from dust
  • Shadowbox has the lockable key to lock your items.