Air Force Military Shadow Box Ideas

Shadow boxes are distributed to Air Force personnel after retirement and usually contain medals and awards received by the retiree throughout their careers. Military shadow boxes are closed or framed boxes with a glass facade. They are designed so that the light passes at one angle. This feature protects the contained items from damage by light. The idea of ​​using these boxes is to save memories, souvenirs, and other important items such as medals, flags, etc.

Air Force Shadow Box

There are various shapes and sizes are available for Air Force rewards. You can purchase military shadow boxes specifically for displaying photos, ribbons, flags, medals, uniforms, etc. The facade of the box is mainly made of glass, and the deep frame is made of wood. Since the Shadow Box is an important gift, it is basically made from solid oak, black walnut, cherry, and mahogany.

Sometimes different trees are combined and created magnificent Shadow Box in the form of wings of the Air Force. Air Force Shadow Box is definitely a great gift for a man who spent many years in military service in the sky. Retirement display may contain all that keeps the memory of the professional life of the servicemen, which they always wanted to cherish.

Here are some important items that are usually placed in an Air Force Shadow Box:
  • Medals. They are arranged in a vertical row, depending on significance in the shadow box.
  • Insignia is usually placed on top of a shadow box.
  • Flags. The shadow box may contain a national flag of the country or a military flag. The burial flag according to custom must be folded in a triangle. For them, we have separate triangular Shadow Box.
Rank Coins and Ribbons
  • Badge. The shadow box can display all types of icons, including the last icon received by the soldier, the parachute icon, the medical field, the rifle, the bayonet, and the combat icons.
  • Certificates, diplomas, letters of recommendation, newspaper clippings, etc., can also be used for display in a shadow box. These items show important advances in the professional life of an Air Force soldier.
  • Images: Here you can post general photos with military comrades or portrait photos. Many post images from the first day in the service, or retirement, promotion, with the best military friends, rewarding, etc.
  • The official uniform can be displayed along with ribbons, medals, and other things.

Shadow Boxes are often presented as gifts to retiring Air Force military personnel. Give our great Shadow Box to your loved one, a friend or a relative for long memory.

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