Shadow Box For Military Medals

Showing military awards gives a sense of honor and achievement, as the officer himself, and his family and friends. The shadow box was created to demonstrate the ribbons, badges, medals, and titles achieved by the military.

What the Shadowbox looks like

The display case can have a depth of 1 to 2 inches. Lining the inside of the box should emphasize the color of ribbons and medals. The felt background can be black, blue, green or red. This way you can attach heavier objects to the back and they will not fall. Displays are available in different sizes ranging from 5 to 50 medals, including the flag. 98% UV transparent door protects against UV rays, dust, and dirt. Acid-free materials of excellent quality will protect your valuable items from damage.

Features of the location of medals and awards

Military medals are worn and displayed in accordance with the protocol, and you can use this as a way to organize a series of medals and patches. As a rule, the highest rewards are displayed in the upper left corner of the display case in order of priority. Never use anything other than stainless steel pins to prevent damage to the ribbons by rust. The pins are attached directly to the reinforced substrate – covered with foam, glued to the back panel.

You can rank the medals by other criteria, and not by military priority

Organize them by date, rank or form. Align them parallel to the photograph of the officer, which is located in the middle, or place them in inverted triangles with a triangular bent flag occupying the lower central third of the shadow block. Medals for outstanding achievements, regardless of whether they represent winning races, battles, the title of Eagle Scout or first place in a chess tournament, deserve a better fate than dusty life in a dark box. Show them with pride in one of our shadow boxes.