For collectors, finding the best storefronts is an important part of preserving their treasured collectibles. You will need not only a high-quality showcase to showcase your valuables, but also protect these items from UV rays, dust and other harmful substances that can destroy the value of your military sword.

The display case is designed to pay tribute to this important memorable weapon, which deserves to be shown with respect. At the same time, it does not matter in which industry the military serves. A well-deserved military sword is not just a subject of curiosity, but a subject of pride and patriotism. Every authorized and non-commissioned officer is proud of his sword.

Features Sword Display Case

Beautiful Sword Display Case made of hardwood will allow you to show your military sword, a sergeant’s sword or a naval dirk behind a glass door. Each case is made using a natural black walnut or cherry. The glass has a hidden magnetic latch and UV protection. Stands are attached to the back of the case. Showcases for swords have a beautiful design and construction, very elegant and attractive. A red, black or blue felt background provides a stunning contrast to your subject. The standard equipment includes a showcase with strong locks with keys, brass hinges, and wall brackets installed.

Sword Display Case as a gift

Our Military Sword Display Case is the perfect gift for military personnel in our lives. They are perfect for a demonstration:

  • Samurai sword
  • Army officer’s sword
  • For USMC officer’s sword
  • In ceremonial exhibitions of the Air Force sword
  • Coast guard sword
  • As a navy and officer displays
  • US Army officer sabers
  • Swords of civil war
  • Pistol

Here you will find any suitable a shadow box, regardless of whether you are collecting your collection from scratch or you have dozens of items that you need to show. Experienced collectors will need a sword display case that holds many different swords. We have many options that are suitable for several swords or for one pistol. Several shadow boxes with swords will create a special design in the interior of your home or office. The display on this page will be the perfect way to display your treasured collectibles.