The shadow box is not a novelty

This is a major retirement gift. The Military Award Shadow Box with Display Case looks almost like a photo frame, just a little deeper.

Military shadow box

Do you have awards hiding somewhere in a dark box in the closet or garage? They deserve more. Attach them to a shadow box and hang them on a wall or place them on a table. The military shadow box is designed to ensure that the light passes at one angle. It protects objects from light damage. These boxes are often presented as gifts to army officials.

The navy shadow boxes have a glass facade and can be made of different wood species. Different sizes and shapes are available in our store. You can purchase shadow boxes to display insignia, ribbon, rank coins, pins, medals. The military shadow box is certainly an excellent gift for a man who has dedicated to the service in the navy for many years. Objects can be anything that keeps the memory of the professional life of an official, which he always would like to cherish.

Here are some items that are usually placed in a military box with a shadow:
  • Flags. The shadow box may contain a national flag of the country or a military flag. If the burial flag is on, according to custom, it must be folded in a triangle
  • Certificates, newspaper clippings, diplomas, letters of recommendation, postcards from other countries.
  • Photo. A shadow block can include individual or group photos with army friends. It is better to choose funny and interesting pictures. It can also be a photo from the first day in the service, at work, retirement, promotion or rewarding.
  • Uniform: the official form can be displayed along with a flag, medals, badges, and other things.

All this, of course, reveals important achievements in the professional life of a soldier. If you want to make a gift for your friend, you first need to choose the size and design of the box. Therefore, it is necessary to find out how many medals and other awards for display soldier has. You can buy shadow boxes with a place for the flag, certificates and other documents on this page.

Advantages of our store’s Shadowbox:
  • Diverse design
  • Different material namely, solid mahogany, walnut or oak
  • Durable Plexiglas panels with UV protection
  • Easy access through the back of the case of the shadow box
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